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Physics School Students’ Excellent Performance at the University Carnival and Sports Meet

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To celebrate the 67th anniversary of its establishment, Beihang University held a celebration carnival on October 26th on both campuses at Xueyuan Road and Shahe District. In this grand fete, the stalls of the School of Physics were well received by many teachers and students, presenting the elegance of our students and faculty.

With the advent of the carnival, the school’s student union had carefully planned the event. It had carried out a reasonable division of labor and efficient scheduling from material preparation, event arrangement, stalls’ layout, to promotion. The passage about this carnival in the School of Physics’ official WeChat account (“buaa_physics”) got more than 8000 hits, which made the event even more attractive.

On the day of the carnival, the school’s stalls attracted lots of students with food such as hot oden and milk tea. They also pondered over and laughed at the quizzes and fun games, which brought a rich gaming experience to the students. We had also prepared exquisite gifts in advance so that those who received the prizes would be gladly satisfied.

On October 27th, after the successful conclusion of the university’s anniversary carnival, we ushered in the 58th Student Sports Meet of Beihang University. Our school attached great importance to it, forming a school athlete representative team and an admission team through the selection within each grade.

“The fruition of physics study can only be gained through hard work. Honor or disgrace should never shackle the quest for truth.” Marching with firm steps and indomitable gaze, our school’s admission team shouted the slogan loudly with high morale. It underwent the inspection of university leaders on the rostrum in orderly pace.

One may feel the power of fluid in running, the gravitational power in jumping; the rainbow of hard work may be reflected through soaked sweat, and the contending light radiated from vigorous strides. Bearing the youthful, tenacious and upbeat sportsmanship in mind, our school’s athletes devoted themselves to every competition with full enthusiasm and made outstanding achievements one after another.

“I am young, and I stand for the School of Physics”. The school team actively participated in various sport events from the admission ceremony, men's sprint, to group relay race. Among them, our school’s delegation has won the second prize in the admission ceremony, got the sixth of total score in men’s group B, and the seventh of the men and women’s group B.

The specific awards are as follows:

Admission Ceremony: Second Prize

Men's 4*400m Relay: 1st

Men's 4*100m Relay: 5th

Men's 100m: 4th

Men's 200m: 7th

Men's 200m: 8th

Men's 400m: 7th

Men's Long Jump: 7th

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