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Nuclear and Particle Physics Colloquium 91


Title:Developing detectors for heavy-ion reactions in the FAZIA collaboration

Speaker: Dr.Giovanni Casini, INFN Firenze

Time:10:00-11:00, December 2, 2019

Place:Main building 316, Beihang University


In the seminar, I'll discuss the developments made in the frame of the FAZIA project on silicon and scintillation detectors aimed at more precise and selective experiments with heavy-ions. For modern studies in this sector it is important to use large acceptance and modular setups capable to identify ions in coincidence events up to the largest charges. I'll present the activity of the FAZIA group, showing the various problems and the solutions proposed to get the best performances in term of ion identification and thresholds reduction with telescope modules. The final performances will be discussed and some future perspectives will be presented.

About the speaker:

Dr. Giovanni Casini is the first research of INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) in staff at the Sezione di Firenze. He finished his PhD on physics at the Florence University in 1990. After about 1 year workingas collaborator physicist at Florence hospital “Careggi”, he got a permanent position at INFN at the Sezione di Firenze. Casini’s main research phases now includes R&D of the FAZIA detectorandexperiments with FAZIA. FAZIA is a four-pi charged particle detector array offering a spectrometer-like isotopic resolution.

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