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Nuclear and Particle Physics Colloquium 92


Title:Studies of excited nuclear systems with heavy ion collisions at Fermi Energies

Speaker:Dr. Giovanni Casini, INFN Firenze

Time:10:00-11:00, December 4, 2019

Place:Main building 316, Beihang University


A unified description of the nuclear structure and reactions from light to heavy ions is very challenging. As for reactions, the transport models and their important ingredients can be better constrained by specific precise experiments allowing charged products identification and their correlations in a wide phase-space range. In perspective, the use of energetic exotic beams at Fermi energies will help in exploring regions far from the b-stability because there one can test the symmetry energy potential which is less known far from normal conditions. I'll show some results coming from the first experiments of the FAZIA group using a partial telescope setup. These experiments are focused on the role of n-p equilibration during dissipative collisions. The n-p degree of freedom is investigated in order to evidence and disentangle the possible mechanisms which are expected to play a role, as suggested by some transport models of nuclear collisions. The challenges of such kind of experiments will be shown and the on-going and middle-term future program of the collaboration will be presented.

About the speaker:

Dr. Giovanni Casini is the first research of INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) in staff at the Sezione di Firenze. He finished his PhD on physics at the Florence University in 1990. After about 1 year workingas collaborator physicist at Florence hospital “Careggi”, he got a permanent position at INFN at the Sezione di Firenze. Casini’s main research phases now includes R&D of the FAZIA detectorandexperiments with FAZIA. FAZIA is a four-pi charged particle detector array offering a spectrometer-like isotopic resolution.

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