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Beihang Delegation Won the First Prize in the 10th China Undergraduate Physics Tournament (CUPT)

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Recently, the 10th China Undergraduate Physics Tournament (CUPT)was held at Qingdao University. After regional qualification trials, 65 teams from 64 universities have participated in the tournament, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, University of Science and Technology of China, Nankai University and Beihang University. With Lv Enze and Li Wei as team leaders, the Beihang delegation, composed of Wang Yuheng, Fan Di, Chen Zirui, Pan Yue and Li Chengdong, did well in the competition, winning the first prize of the Team Awards with the fifth total score and conferred the “Best Performance Prize”.

CUPT is anational competition in China, whose mode is learnt from that of the International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT). It aims to improve the undergraduate students’ ability to analyze and solve practical physical problems by using what they have learned comprehensively. A group debate contest is set up for students to conduct in-depth study of basic concepts, physical analysis, experimental research, and results discussion for a given open physics problem. This competition can not only examine the academic research ability of undergraduate students to analyze and solve complex scientific problems, cultivate their scientific research quality, but also improve students' sense of innovation, team spirit and communication skills, so that their knowledge, ability and quality can be developed in a coordinated way. It has established a platform for the exchange between universities and colleges to discuss the training mode of high-quality physics talents. Included in the work plan of the Physics Teaching Steering Committee of the Chinese Physical Society, it is one of the important college students' innovation competitions in the implementation of China’s medium- and long-term education development plan.

With the support of the university’s Department of Academic Affairs, the School of Physics began its mobilization in October last year. Through the selection and practice of the early contest, preliminary, and final in the university, and the intermediary heat in the North China Division, a group of excellent students from different schools of science and engineering stood out and eventually formed a summer training team, who went through a six-week training. Under the leadership of the teachers from the School of Physics, the team members, with rigorous scientific spirit, solid academic foundation, well-coordinated teamwork and first-rate psychological quality, were recognized by the referees. In particular, their in-depth research and original ideas in the presentation and discussion of certain topics have left a deep impression on everyone, expressing the brilliant scientific attainment and good spirit of Beihang students. After five rounds of confrontation, the Beihang delegation finally won the first prize. In recent years, committed to the exploration and implementation of research-based teaching model, the School of Physics has always paid attention to the cultivation of students' ability to independently discover, analyze and solve problems in undergraduate teaching. CUPT has become a new channel and a new model for the school to explore research-based teaching oriented towards the whole university.

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